world premiere - Promotional mints in any shape embossed on one side and packed in any kind of personalised packaging


Put a zing in your step and refresh your promotional campaign with these custom made mints.
Your logo imprinted on these peppermints will not only strengthen your brand image, freshen your breath but also invigorate the senses. Our 100% sugar free mints come in a variety of neat packaging options from imprinted tins, boxes or blisters packs to suit your individual needs. Not only that, we can produce these perfect peppermints in 3D shape and with any logo. Super fresh!

Afternoon slump? Perk them up with a few custom shaped mints! Coffee breath before a meeting? Rejuvenate your senses for a peppermint pep talk! Waiter hands you the bill? Your own logo shaped mints leave a fresh taste! Our delicious peppermints will boost your brand identity and will ensure that whoever receives them is guaranteed a smile. Face it, everyone loves a good mint. Give them a breath of fresh air.

How cool is that?

Tailormints is proud to bring you a new concept of enhancing a brand. Promotional mints in any shape, whether an object or a logo, embossed on one side with any image or logo. How cool is that?

Free impression of your final product

The possibilities are endless and the recipe for succes quite simple:

- 1 cup imagination
- 1 cup creativity
- 1 tbsp initiative

Mix all components thoroughly and contact us for an awesome free impression without any purchase obligation.

Let us make a free impression

Your own logo shaped as a mint - examples - click to enlarge

  • Custom moulded mints wing shaped
  • ribbon shaped mints
  • mints logo mazda emboss
  • tooth shaped mints
  • rectangled mint shape securitas
  • Fresh breath peppermints casino chip shaped and embossed
  • Arsenal shield shaped peppermints
  • promotional mints in the shape of a hammer
  • Peppermints in shape of a house or building
  • puzzle shaped fresh breath mints
  • map location shaped mints
  • shark peppermints
  • Promotional pepermints heart shaped
  • bolt and nut moulded peppermints



in personalised Tins

Any box, any size, any shape...

Blister packs...

or Your own creative idea...

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